Logotypes, concept design for packaging, wallpaper, wedding and commercial advertising used for print, web and in store.

Product design and packaging

Logotype and graphics

Web and digital illustrations


Personal wedding Design

Hand made Jevelry

made of swarowski crystals, nappa leather and recycled buttons. Earrings are made of 18k gold.

Hälsingebocken - A living traditions project

Hälsingebocken is protected as an internationally registered trademark. In addition to registered Trademark Protection and Design Protection, all forms of copyright are covered. The form (Hälsingebocken) in combination with patterns of goods and services has, in accordance with copyright, acquired distinctiveness through incorporation. Therefore, the shape of the goat should also always be preceded by a License Agreement with the Author / Designer, in combination with other forms and designs. We are happy to share our design for productions. Contact us below.

The shape of the goat is protected by intellectual property law by Caroline Tinterova (© Tinterova).

Design protection (design protection) is internationally registered via EUIPO (formerly OHIM).

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