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Presented are some of my kurbits creations – Modern traditional kurbits inspired of the beautiful nature of Sweden. My passion for the Scandinavian heritage and other visual traditions reflects in paintings, prints and products. 

As a child, I spent most of my summer holidays with my family in Leksand, the heart of Sweden. It was a cultural journey as my mother was the dancer in Himlaspelet, a rural play by Rune Lindström from 1941. The time beyond sitting in the audience and playing backstage we explored Dalarna visiting heritage centres and museums. This colorful environment with its swedish history made a mark within me.Years later in 2008 I received a wedding invitation from my dear friend from Leksand. The creativity took in and I created my first kurbits á la Tinterova.My interest and demand for creating kurbits grew in step with creativity and today my kurbits are not only seen as printed matter for weddings but also on interior design, ceramics, textiles and packaging.


Do you have an idéa and need help to make it happen?

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Color and floral details for your everyday life!

wedding kurbits artwork

This nature lover couple asked for vibrant, bold colors with songbirds and foxes incorporated
The wedding would take place under a willow tree and you can see the details in the pictures presented.  

wedding kurbits artwork

Kurbits kreation made for the lovely couple Alyssa and Paul. I always ask for personal symbols and important details and in this creation you can glimt the swedish heritage as dalecarlian horses, swedish/american flag and lions. And of course the flowers that are desired from my client.

Kurbits made for wedding design and invitations.

Kurbits made for wedding design and invitations.
For personal orders contact info@tinterova.com

 kurbits on products